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Ready Set Pole


Customer story

Ready.Set.Pole! is a Finnish Polevault dancing studio offering various classes of polevault dancing and pole acrobacy.

Saara, the founder of the company starts the interview by telling us how much DigitalBooker has freed her hands from everyday tasks. Saara started as an entrepreneur a year and a half ago so anything that saves time from the busy day of running a business is fine in her books.

We've had an online booking system ever since the start of our business. The decision to throw away our previous system and switch to DigitalBooker happened because of DigitalBooker's versatility and ease of use. - Saara

Even their customers have praised the system for its ease-of-use and simplicity. Life has gotten a lot easier after starting to use DigitalBooker and no-show bookings have also decreased.

I'm happy to pay a monthly fee for a great system and quick and friendly service. - Saara

Have a look Ready.Set.Pole in more detail at www.readysetpole.fi or book directly online at www.varaaheti.fi/readysetpole

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