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Pilates Ylojarvi

Pilates Ylojarvi

Customer Story

Pilates Ylojarvi specializes in Method Putkisto classes, pole dancing, ballet, kettlebell classes as well as Streetwise self-defence. The company also offers different treatments, from massage to acupuncture.

The founder of the company Tuija Lehtonen has previously worked as a musician for 30 years but today works as a trained masseur and Method Putkisto trainer.

I decided to get an online booking system, so that I could get rid of the continuous amount of text messages about people signing up to classes or canceling their bookings. DigitalBooker has made this possible. - Tuija Lehtonen

Tuija asked around for several different online scheduling systems, but finally settled for DigitalBooker.

I practiced pole dancing at the Pole Academy and they had DigitalBooker. It was exactly what I wanted for myself. Easy and clear to use and take into use. I contacted DigitalBooker and got myself a smiliar setup up and running in a few days. - Tuija Lehtonen

The biggest advantage from DigitalBooker has been that, Tuija now can see how many are signed up to each class and there is no SMS hassle before each class anymore.

My customers have been very happy with the system and praised its ease of use. Even an elder lady finally got enough courage to book online and succeeded even though she never uses a computer otherwise :)! - Tuija

Familiarize yourself with Piltes Ylojarvi at www.pilates-ylojarvi.com or check out thei online booking calendar at: www.varaaheti.fi/pilatesylojarvi

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