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Version 3.8.6

Define prices for your services


You're now able to price your services in a way that your customers are able to see what their booking will cost them. There are also lots of other enhancements in the system, so read more about them below!


Define a price for each of your services and classes by defining a price list that can be dependant on the day of the week, the time of day or a certain date range. The right price is automatically then calculated for each booking depending on the parameters set in the price list. Define the price underneath Administration > Services and select the tab "Price".

Define a price for each of your services

Now go check it out and define your prices so that your customers know what they're going to cost.

Advertisement and campaign followup

Would you like to have a better overview of which of your online campaigns drive to an action to make a booking? You can now install the free "Ad tacking" app from underneath Administration > App Store that lets you do exactly this. After this you can add a ?ref=adname (where adname is the identified that you would like to use to identify a certain ad). You can for instance link to a URL of the form and the reference code "onlinecampaign2015" is stored in your customers browser and added as info to their booking when they finally make their online booking.

Helper icons

Your admin calendar now also has some handy helper icons that will help you get a quicker glimpse of your booking situation. The icons will let you know whether the booking was made to a specific employee or anyone at all, whether it was made by a customer online or not, if the booking is a repeating booking and if the booking has any notes inside it.

Avustavat ikonit auttavat sinua ymmärtämään mistä varauksessa on kyse

Hovering over the icons will also let you see more information about each icon, such as the content of a note.

Other things

We've also renewed lots of things under the hood, of which the most important ones are listed below:

  • You can now define the dateformat including month, day, year order and delimitor used inbetween dates and times inside the system, supporting all international formats.
  • We've added a hacking prevention system that takes an exponential pause in between login attempts if somebody would try to bruteforce a password. For regular users this is not noticed in any way.
  • Exporting of CSV files (Excel files) is rewritten and now supports exporting files with more than 500 lines in them as well as many new export functionalities.
  • Possibility to export all your payments into a CSV file, with support for online payments.
  • Possibility to export prepaid cards into CSV / Excel files.
  • Many enhancements to the REST-API that the new public system is relying on.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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Version 3.8.5

Free customer feedback app


A new version is out in the wild again. DigitalBooker 3.8.5 brings some minor fixes but also a nice suprise to all our customers.

We've made the popular Rating-app free of charge! You can now install the app from within the App Store inside your system and start collecting feedback from your customers on how they liked your service and employees automatically after each visit. All statistics are collected underneath the Statistics page, where you'll be able to compare your services, employees and locations to eachother and see what your customers honestly think.

Install free rating app

Your customers will receive an email one day after their visit and they'll just need to click one button to cast their vote.

Rate your booking

Some other smaller enhancements include:

  • There now is a list of a customer's previous bookings in the booking popup. This way you'll easily see what they booked the last time they visited you.
  • The MailChimp integration has been enhanced with support for first name and last name syncing as well as better error messages in case of errors.
  • The search box inside the calendar now has a scrollbar so you can scroll it further down.
  • A notification is displayed to you when there is less than 10% of the monthly SMS quota left in your system.

If you have any thoughts and wishes for the system, email us at [email protected]

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Facebook booking system

4 tips to using Facebook


As a beauty, yoga or any service provider you could leverage Facebook a lot more than you're probably doing today. Besides always linking to your online booking system, you can use the four tips below to activate your customers and get more bookings and sales.

1. Add a Book now-button to your Facebook page

Facebook recently launched the possibility to create a tailor made Call to Action-button. Add a button to your booking system from your facebook page by clicking the "Create call to action" -button on your Facebook page.

Facebook book-now button

After this select "Book now" from the dropdown menu and add your booking system's address. Your DigitalBooker booking system is automatically responsive and thus works on all mobiles and tablets, you can use the same address for both your desktop and mobile call-to-action URLs.

Facebook book-now button part 2

Now everyone visiting your Facebook-page will see your "Book now"-button as the primary call to action.

2. Add a like-button to your booking system

There is a Facebook Like-button in the lower corner of your booking system, that your customers click when they're visiting your site. When they click on the button they also automatically start following you and your updates. Add your own Facebook-page's address to DigitalBooker by going from the main menu to Www and there select Information and add your Facebook page's address.

Adding a Facebook like button

Now people start following you when they visit your booking system and they'll hear about your latest updates on Facebook and are more likely to visit you again.

3. Enable logging in into your system with Facebook

Your customers are by default able to log into your system with their Facebook accounts through something called Facebook Connect. The benefit of this is that your customers don't need to come up with a new password for your booking system and you still get the same information about them as you would anyhow. On top of this you'll also get their facebook profile picture inside your customer register and are able to view their latest updates by just clicking on their profile picture inside your customer register.

Facebook connect app store

When having this enabled you'll learn to know your customers better.

If you have disabled Facebook Connect, you can easily enable it again by going to the system internal App Store under Administration in the main menu. The Facebook Connect app is completely free of charge.

4. Let your customers spread the word for you

DigitalBooker gives your customers the possibility to tell their peers about their booking once they've made a booking. This way the word about your services is spread by your customers as well. This functionality is enabled by default so you don't need to do anything for it.

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