This is what the scheduling software looks like

A calendarview with four employees shown side by side simultaneously. In the shown example there are both bookings made by customers online and by administrators. The gray boxes indicate blockings / unreservable times.
One employees time for the entire week. The employees are all listed on the left and their calendars can be seen either separately, as a group or all together. Changes between day-, week-, and monthly calendars are done through the buttons at the top of the screen.
To get more information about a booking, just click on it. You can edit the booking and change e.g. its description or employee.
To create a new booking click on an empty spot in the calendar, select the service and customer from the customer register and you're done.
Creating a new class. Just fill in the type of the class, select an instructor, the classes minimum and maximum participants and you're done. After this you customers can start booking online.
The customer register with a selected customer. You can send email and sms messages to the person directly from here or edit the person info, see her bookings and previous messages or even view their facebook self-portrait.
A smartgroup in the customer register out of all women over 30 years of age who have made at least 1 booking previously. You can create several different smart groups based on several criteria and use it for e.g. marketing purposes.
Creating and managing class types is fast and easy. Everything is done from one simple view.
Creating and managing services is fast and easy. Everything is done from one simple view.
The administrator calendar as seen from an iPad.
You can define in as much detail as you wish, how and when your customers are able to make a booking, what information to collect from them etc.

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