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New Hairstore

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When Hairstore, as one of the largest hair and beauty chains in Finland, started using DigitalBooker back in 2012 online scheduling was still in its infancy around most of the world. According to Hairstore's Sales- and Marketing Manager Jari Karjalainen the benefits from using DigitalBooker's online scheduling system was apparent already since day one. The fact that 30% of all bookings today have been moved online, where customers take care of the booking has tremendously cut down on answering phone calls.

30% is a huge number if we consider the fact that all of Hairstore's 15 shops are located in supermarkets where most cuts are extempore purchases and not planned beforehand. DigitalBooker's Online booking system has made it possible for Hairstore to start selling and marketing hair and beauty services in a complete new way to existing customers which would have been impossible without DigitalBookeria.

Jari Karjalanen himself has worked in everything from retail to carsales where he has seen marketing and sales from a B2C perspective and how IT has been used in those sectors in everything from marketing to business analytics. He was thus immediately on trac when joining Hairstore and seeing DigitalBooker being used inside the company.

Jari mentions DigitalBooker's statistics module and automatic marketing tools as the most prominent features inside the scheduling system. But Hairstore and DigitalBooker have also planned for many more enhancements to the system together.

Hairstore also just released an own App for mobile devices that integrates DigitalBooker as a responsive web view. Hairstore was also one of the first companies in Finland to introduce dynamic pricing for the beauty sector, i.e. a pricing that changes according to what time of the day your booking takes place. This enables Hairstore to increase their fillrate, which they can follow up inside DigitalBooker together with the feedback they've received from customers through the automated customer feedback surveys built into DigitalBooker.

Social media and electronic marketing play a large role in any online business. At both DigitalBooker and and Hairstore we strongly believe in the strenght of having a seamless experience from finding your service online to being able to purchase it online without having to pick up the phone and make the final call. This keeps the customer in the same flow from beginning to end and increases the probability that they actually make the purchase in the end. Something no company can sweep under the carpet today.

As the largest benefits from DigitalBooker Jari mentions the following things:

  • Less phonecalls. Thanks to DigitalBooker customers can book their own time online 24/7 when it best suits them.
  • A straight channel from digital marketing to service descriptions to booking.
  • The possibility to analyze your business and customer behavior such as at what times of the day customers make their bookings online. E.g. a significant amount of bookings are made between 7PM and midnight.

When we ask if there's something special Jari would like to especially mention he immediately mentions the customer support and how well it has always worked.

I've also been positively surprised by how stable the system has always been. In my previous work I grew accustomed to IT systems that had all kinds of various problems but never with DigitalBooker. It has always been stable. - Jari

Hairstore's customers have also thanked for the easieness of making a booking and that the system reminds them of their bookings by SMS to their mobile phones before their booking.

We also have a lot of positive things to say about Hairstore here at DigitalBooker and how Jari has taken its online presence forward.

Check out Hairstore in more detail at (Only available in Finnish, but contact us at [email protected] for more information.)

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