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Version 3.9

Stability and smaller fixes

Jul 16th 2015

The following things have been added and fixed in DigitalBooker 3.8.1:

  • Added a "Print list of participants to class" functionality to all classes (such as yoga classes)
  • iCalendar/Google calendar synchronization extended to 3 months, from the previous 1 month syncing
  • Added the possibility for us to add customer specific debugging to make it easier to find possible problems in specific systems in the future
  • Added a higher resolution favicon that is optimized for high-resolution retina-displays
  • Tweaked the info-texts uin admin to better support tablets and links to external devices
  • Added marginals and fixed alignment of action buttons in class confirmation view
  • Changed the behavior of the customer side so that it if there's only one service offered to customers it is automatically selected
  • Added the booked resource names to the HTML-calendar stream
  • Changed blockings so that their history is also preserved after they have been deleted, thus making it easier to find cases where e.g. somebody has deleted somebody elses blocking
  • Fix: The "Hide employees without workhours" was shown as double in the cogwheel menu in the calendar
  • Fix: When a class was deleted, the cancellation email to customer's didn't include the information on when the class would have been
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that caused that only the first 500 people in the customer register could be exported to CSV files
  • Fix: Fixed a link where the URL in invoices wasn't localized to a address

In this update we concentrated on customer smaller wishes and bug reports. Please continue sending us feedback directly from within the system and we'll continue making the system even better for your use case.

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Version 3.8

Programming Interface API

Jun 16th 2015

We're happy to today announce an Application Programming Interface, API, with which your developers and website maintainers can integrate your booking system more tightly with you own website or even your own iPhone app.

The API is a REST API that works over standard HTTP calls. For example GET /<system_name>/api/public/locations returns all the locations within the system. All bookings are encoded into JSON format which makes it easy for you to handle and parse them.

We've also put large effort into documenting how the API works, mostly because we're eating our own dogfood and using it ourselves as well. For a detailed description of the API, as it's released today have a look at The first version only includes functions for reading information and replaces all earlier unofficial APIs. The new public system that we're working on will fully utilize the API and thus all functions needed to create a booking system, from user login to booking creation, will be made available through the API shortly.

Please also note that the API might still change as the public system evolves. If you have any technical questions about how to use the API, please direct them directly to Jon at [email protected]

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Mobile optimized customer system

May 21st 2015

The largest enhancement in DigitalBooker 3.7 is a new mobile optimized customer facing public version of the online booking system. What this means in practice is that your customers using your online scheduling system will have a mobile optimized version of the system whenever using it on their mobiles or tablet devices. This is a huge improvement when considering that for instance during the past 30 days, when 280 000 individuals have used the online booking system, over 100 000 of them have used it on thei mobiles and 40 000 on a tablet device.

In the latest update we've also enabled SSL as a default connection to your booking system. This was made possible by upgrading our Facebook login to the newest version at the same time as well.

The update also includes smaller bugfixes and cosmetic enhancements, such as better metadata being fed to Google about your booking system.

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