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Version 3.8.5

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Aug 25th 2015

A new version is out in the wild again. DigitalBooker 3.8.5 brings some minor fixes but also a nice suprise to all our customers.

We've made the popular Rating-app free of charge! You can now install the app from within the App Store inside your system and start collecting feedback from your customers on how they liked your service and employees automatically after each visit. All statistics are collected underneath the Statistics page, where you'll be able to compare your services, employees and locations to eachother and see what your customers honestly think.

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Your customers will receive an email one day after their visit and they'll just need to click one button to cast their vote.

Rate your booking

Some other smaller enhancements include:

  • There now is a list of a customer's previous bookings in the booking popup. This way you'll easily see what they booked the last time they visited you.
  • The MailChimp integration has been enhanced with support for first name and last name syncing as well as better error messages in case of errors.
  • The search box inside the calendar now has a scrollbar so you can scroll it further down.
  • A notification is displayed to you when there is less than 10% of the monthly SMS quota left in your system.

If you have any thoughts and wishes for the system, email us at [email protected]

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