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4 tips to using Facebook

Jul 24th 2015

As a beauty, yoga or any service provider you could leverage Facebook a lot more than you're probably doing today. Besides always linking to your online booking system, you can use the four tips below to activate your customers and get more bookings and sales.

1. Add a Book now-button to your Facebook page

Facebook recently launched the possibility to create a tailor made Call to Action-button. Add a button to your booking system from your facebook page by clicking the "Create call to action" -button on your Facebook page.

Facebook book-now button

After this select "Book now" from the dropdown menu and add your booking system's address. Your DigitalBooker booking system is automatically responsive and thus works on all mobiles and tablets, you can use the same address for both your desktop and mobile call-to-action URLs.

Facebook book-now button part 2

Now everyone visiting your Facebook-page will see your "Book now"-button as the primary call to action.

2. Add a like-button to your booking system

There is a Facebook Like-button in the lower corner of your booking system, that your customers click when they're visiting your site. When they click on the button they also automatically start following you and your updates. Add your own Facebook-page's address to DigitalBooker by going from the main menu to Www and there select Information and add your Facebook page's address.

Adding a Facebook like button

Now people start following you when they visit your booking system and they'll hear about your latest updates on Facebook and are more likely to visit you again.

3. Enable logging in into your system with Facebook

Your customers are by default able to log into your system with their Facebook accounts through something called Facebook Connect. The benefit of this is that your customers don't need to come up with a new password for your booking system and you still get the same information about them as you would anyhow. On top of this you'll also get their facebook profile picture inside your customer register and are able to view their latest updates by just clicking on their profile picture inside your customer register.

Facebook connect app store

When having this enabled you'll learn to know your customers better.

If you have disabled Facebook Connect, you can easily enable it again by going to the system internal App Store under Administration in the main menu. The Facebook Connect app is completely free of charge.

4. Let your customers spread the word for you

DigitalBooker gives your customers the possibility to tell their peers about their booking once they've made a booking. This way the word about your services is spread by your customers as well. This functionality is enabled by default so you don't need to do anything for it.

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