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Over 4 million bookings sold

May 8th 2015

Today we reached a new milestone in DigitalBooker's history by going over 4 million bookings made through the system. With the daily speed of 5000 more bookings being added every day of the week, the growth towards the next million is looking very close. While most of the bookings done through DigitalBooker are related to haircuts, manicures, tattoos and massages there are very many different kinds of bookings within these millions of made bookings and they all tell their own story. Depending on the day of the week there's lots of bookings for yoga and different sports activities. We've also lately seen an increase in veterinary services, dog grooming and riding schools – all basically the same as haircuts for people from a technical standpoint but as businesses very different. The world is seriously becoming more digital and companies selling services are increasingly understanding the benefits of having their services bookable online – mainly because of increased sales and customer satisfaction when customers are able to handle their own services in the way the want to, whenever they have time.

Our customers range from small one-person entrepreneurs to companies with hundreds of employees in tens of locations. DigitalBooker is being used from stock-exchange listed companies to small startups in beauty. It's impossible to draw an average on all bookings.

Our growth has also been duly noted by others: DigitalBooker was awarded a AAA class badge for having the Highest Creditworthiness possible, a title given to only 4% of all companies listed in Finland.

We're thankful for the journey so far together with you and look forward to the next 5 and 10 million bookings with you!

Happy bookings,
- Fredrik, CEO

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