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Online booking system

DigitalBooker is an online scheduling system for beauty, wellness, sports and resource booking. It supports three different kinds of bookings: 1) Resource bookings such as bowling, 2) Service bookings such as haircuts and 3) Class bookings such as yoga. And everything automatically syncs to your mobile's own calendar so that you'll always stay up to date with what is going on in your business.

Your customer register

Manage all your customers in one place. View statics and previous bookings from within your DigitalBooker system. You'll immediately see bookings made by your customers in your calendar and customer register. Say goodbye to your address book and let your customers keep their own info up to date while you'll have all data at your fingertips about all of your customers in an easy to understand format.

Stable marketing platform

Automatically send SMS reminders to all your customers who haven't booked their next time yet or send and manage customer surveys to grow your business directly from within DigitalBooker. Create targeted messages to your customers based on demographic data such as age and gender or booking data such as the amount of bookings in a specified time. DigitalBooker comes with the power of a marketing platform built into your booking system.

Your brand and webshop

DigitalBooker has been developed together with hundreds of companies and entrepreneurs to ensure it fits your business. It's used today in everything from beautyparlors, hairdressers and yoga studios all the way to tattoo studios, dog grooming studios and meeting room reservations. DigitalBooker always stays true to your look 'n' feel and your brand. DigitalBooker is your online shop for selling services.

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Taina Ruotsalainen


DigitalBooker's drive at the beginning of the collaboration was incredible. They really served us as first class citizens and wanted us as customers. You could say they went the extra mile for us. Read the full story

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